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Safe Water Changes Everything

Access to safe water transforms lives; from education, to poverty eradication, and even fighting diarrhoea diseases, all are dependent on the access to safe water in communities.


Globally, over 735 million people lack access to clean water

The lack of access to clean and safe water stalls development among communities. Families cannot prepare meals, children miss school because they have to move long journeys to fetch water for home, families are left to consume dirty water which leaves them with diarrhea diseases. This in the end hinders economic development.

What we hope to achieve

Sustainable Development Goal 3 & 6

Our goal is to make sure that diarrhoea incidences are reduced by 900 for every 1000 people. We achieve this goal by ensuring that every  person has access to safe water and also that they are trained in proper sanitation practices to foster clean and hygienic homes to eradicate diseases.

The major components

Sanitation & Hygiene

Our program focuses on training communities on best practices to maintain their homes clean and disease-free. We take on a community-based approach to training to realise the desired effect and impact from our implementation.

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Safe Water Access

We know that without water, all our efforts put in toward improving the health of communities is in vain. We use numerous technologies to extend water to our beneficiaries to improve the welfare of our beneficiaries.

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Menstrual hygiene

The Girl child is a pertinent part of our implementation. We want to ensure that every girl gets an equal opportunity at acquiring an education. We construct counseling and changing rooms for schools to create a safe space for girls.

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We believe people can be their own transformation

Change in communities is totally led by the community members themselves. Our role is simply to bring to the realisation of what can be done differently. After realising the difference it makes, the change sticks permanently.