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We are transforming lives
Transforming the poorest & most remote regions of rural Uganda

Our behavioural-change program focuses on transforming the community’s mindset on sanitation and hygiene through training. By working together with local governments and different communities, we can make sure everybody has sustainable access to water and sanitation. In Africa, we run programmes in Uganda.

We promote community transformation in the poorest and most remote regions of rural Uganda using community-centred approaches

Our approach involves partnering with district local governments in the rural areas of Uganda to ensure that all households have access to safe water, proper sanitation and hygiene facilities. We equip and train homes with acceptable sanitation practices to eradicate preventable diseases that plague communities and lead to poverty.

Safe Water Access
Building effective latrines
Promoting good hygiene
We work closely with local leaders and grass-root leadership to transform lives. Our implementation targets areas with the greatest need. We set targets for disease reduction so we can measure the effectiveness of our programs.
By fighting diarrhoea diseases, we are beating poverty & promoting health
Of the entire East African countries, Uganda suffers the worst mortality rate in children less than 5 years, with 22% of these deaths attributed to diarrhea. Applying preventive measures, such as those under AWS program, not only promotes good health, but also helps beneficiaries to increase upon their savings, out of more time available for them to engage in more productive work and reduction on the expenses on health bills. This improves their socio-economic status.
The first step to transforming a community is getting everyone involved to understand that they have a problem.
There is no outsider that can best understand the community dynamics more than the locals themselves. That is why triggering communities in WASH, has provided such a magic injection to prompt beneficiaries to discover some of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene issues at hand and the possible local solutions to challenges. Our behavioural-change program focuses on transforming the community’s mindset on sanitation and hygiene through training. Understanding how open defecation and poor sanitation practices causes diseases leads communities to end the practice, brings change and improves health. After realising the importance of better sanitation practices, communities are forever transformed.
We believe that every mother & child should have the opportunity to live a healthy & empowered life

According to WHO/UNICEF JMP, analysis of 61 countries, women were more responsible for water collection (75%), with water off premises. Children under 15 years of age were usually responsible for water collection, with girls more than twice as likely as boys to fetch water. Furthermore, when the AWS team monitored the results, it confirmed that collecting water is the responsibility of women and children, yet they continue to be affected by diarrhoea-related sicknesses. Therefore, giving women and children good health and an empowered life targets the most affected of the entire world.

You did it!

Now over 180,000 people have access to safe water, good sanitation and hygiene training

Through your generosity and giving, we have reached over 180,000 people with safe water access, sanitation and hygiene training. We could not have done this alone! Because of your donation, our teams of WASH CHAMPIONS remain in the communities bringing transformation to communities across Uganda.

Over 2,500 community artisans (local engineers) have been trained and equipped and are now carriers of best practices helping improve sanitation and hygiene
Over 225 villages accounting for over 34,000 people have been declared open defecation free. This means that all the homes in these villages at least own a toilet and practice proper sanitation
Over 8,800 girls  in 22 schools have been trained and equipped with skills in handling menstrual hygiene. Changing rooms have been constructed to provide privacy for the girls.

Over 200,000 people have been reached across Uganda with our sanitation,  hygiene training and proper water access and treatment through boreholes, tanks and SODIS water treatment

Be a part of the change
You can change a whole family's story with safe water!

Families like the Mitala’s have experienced a wholistic transformation as a result of  training in WASH best practices that drastically reduced the disease burden on their family.

Water has changed our lives. It has changed our health and education, we have more time to tidy our homes, practice farming and other income generating activities. I cannot personally reward our donors with anything but I pray for them, that God will bless them.
~ Joyce, 52 Kirewa, Tororo
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