Your generosity is
bringing COVID-19 relief
to our beneficiaries
Most rural communities of Uganda lack
capable health care systems therefore
prevention is key in being able to manage
COVID-19 among these communities
Here Lear more about about our COVID-19 response

We remain focused to providing families in Uganda with Safe Water access because we know that its absence makes these people vulnerable to COVID-19

As part of the pandemic response, we are enhancing our already existing program by stepping up hand washing with water and soap in household level through the installation of simple infrastructure like tippy taps in all households. While in the lockdown, we have continued to sensitise communities about the causes, spread and prevention measures of the COVID-19 virus

Our Response to COVID-19

Our intervention and approach to the global pandemic involves three simple steps which have been existent in our already running program; all we had to do was to ramp it up to ensure the fast dispersion of crucial information to the communities. All this we have done in partnership with districts
in the various areas of operation

Our commitment is to help vulnerable communities fight COVID-19

The most effective way to prevent ourselves from catching this deadly virus and other WASH related diseases is through the simple act of hand washing with soap
Amidst this unprecedented global crisis, 3 in 10 ugandans in rural areas will not have access to clean and safe water

Our primary goal still remains to bring the dream of access to clean and safe water to all especially the most vulnerable ones — children and mothers.

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