Zahara's story

Zahara was only 14 years old when she conceived. Refusing to reveal the identity of the 16-year-old father of her child because she feared that he would get imprisoned, she paid the ultimate price of being chased away from home. Her grandmother, then her guardian, was disappointed and could not bear to let her stay.

Zahara’s parents were both absent from her life. She did not know where her mother was. She has never met her. Her father was away in the city working.

With no other place to go, she took refuge in a nearby abandoned structure but eventually decided to go and live with the father of her child for fear for her safety.

At only 14, she began life as a wife and soon-to-be mother. Not long after moving in, her husband became abusive; physically, verbally and emotionally. The fact that they lived in poverty added salt to the injury! Life was tough! With nowhere to run to, Zahara bore it all. Eventually, her child was born. She settled into being a mother amidst the difficult circumstances. 

When she heard about the program and the opportunity to go back to school, she saw it as a chance for a fresh start and a hope to see her dreams come to pass. Her husband did not support the idea. He threatened that if she went back to school, that would be the last time she saw her child. She was afraid of the consequences. She took a leap of faith and went back to school. True to his word, the father of her child took her child to a different district to live with his mother and cut off all contact with Zahara. What she feared more had happened. Zahara got separated from her child.

This program has completely transformed my life. In a community where I once was despised, I am now a role model to many girls. I will continue studying hard to ensure that my life and that of my child become better.

Zahara is currently an S.3 student at Mpoma School in Mukono district. Through our intervention, she recently reunited with her beautiful girl after two years of waiting!

She is more excited about life! Her view of life has changed. Now she looks forward to a better life for herself and her child!

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