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Africa Water Solutions intervention transformed her life

Africa Water Solutions intervention transformed her life

Niyonsiima Evelyn is a beneficially of Africa Water Solution. She lives in kaburara village, Mpungu parish, Hamurwa sub-county, Rubanda District. She is married to Tumusherure Goliath and they have two children. During baseline, the couple did not have a latrine nor a bath shelter. They excused themselves that they were leaving their mother’s home to their new home. Goliath testified not to have been having a pit latrine and a bath shelter ever since he set up a family (married) because they were using his mother’s pit latrine and bath shelter. It was the AWS’s intervention that enlightened him to have a pit latrine and a bath shelter in his home. 

Evelyn and her family are living a happy life in a clean environment with good sanitation and safe water through SODIS method now after the training. Her husband also told the AWS staff that he used to walk for some distance to her mother’s latrine and sometimes his wife would fear to go there during the night.  The couple constructed their own latrine which is nearer to them.

Evelyn is so happy and thanked AWS and says had it not been AWS effort to train and encourage my husband to construct our own latrine; we would not be having it up to now.

Evelyn used to collect water from her roof using a drum, but now her tank is being finished (in curing process) with help from Africa Water Solutions and below is her rack where she treats 

her drinking water using SODIS