With the unprecedented turn of events early in March when Uganda confirmed her first case of COVID-19, we have since scaled up our operations to boost government efforts to combat this enemy.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the globe, we continue to promote hand washing as the cheapest and most effective way to prevent transmission of diseases — not just Corona virus but also other WASH related illnesses such as cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid among others. We have stepped up hand washing with water and soap at household levels, installation of tippy-taps in homes that did not have them as yet among others. In health centres, we have provided liquid soap to enable patients and health workers practice effective hand washing.

We understand that the country does not have the capacity in terms of health care services to fight COVID-19, therefore the prevention approach is the better alternative for us to be able to attain a win against this unprecedented virus.

Mass Sensitization

In addition to improved access to safe and clean water, we have been supporting and organising intensive sanitation and hygiene promotion programs to educate communities on practices such as hand washing, proper use of latrines, menstrual hygiene, and preventing the contamination of water sources. The programs emphasised the socioeconomic costs of poor sanitation and the benefits of good hygiene and improved sanitation.

Sanitation, Hygiene and Hand washing

Our field staff have continued to carry out household visits and hygiene training, ensuring that families not only had adequate infrastructure for hand washing, but were also equipped with the knowledge of the health and safety benefits of simple but life-saving actions of proper hand washing, social distancing and use of facial masks to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus and other illnesses. We are sensitising people about the causes, spread and prevention measures of COVID-19 pandemic recommended by World Health Organisation and Uganda government.

We have continued to partner with local governments in the various areas of implementation to complement government in this fight; teaching people the importance of small but effective habits of hand washing in the fight against COVID-19. Our WASH program has helped spread the word about the virus to people that would otherwise be ignorant and vulnerable to the virus.

Water collection from tank
Safe water access remains our core objective. Without water, there cannot be hand washing or even any sanitation practice. Without this crucial but globally scarce resource, the fight against this deadly virus would almost be futile--especially in these rural communities.