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Life can never be the same with AWS

Life can never be the same with AWS

Turyatunga Donozio is the vice chairperson on sanitation committee of Kaburara village, Mpungu Parish, Hamurwa sub-County, Rubanda District. He is married to Twongirwe Sarah and they have five children. He is 35 years old and his wife Sarah is 30 years. Turyatunga became the vice chairperson on the sanitation committee but sanitation components in his home were so wanting.

 His latrine had no door, leaking roof and without a tippy tap. His bath shelter didn’t have a door and wasn’t roofed.

After triggering session, Turyatunga testified to people who were present that all that had been talked was real in his home and he thought to himself that may be one of the AWS staff had visited his home before and is using it as an example.

Turyatunga made sure that before he monitored other people; he became the example by putting in place all that was lucking in his home. He set up a very good latrine with latrine cover, door, well mudded and with tippy tap.  


Turyatunga is also a beneficiary of Rain water harvesting tank and this reduced pressure of water in his home