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Without basic sanitation services, people have no choice but to use inadequate communal latrines or to practice open defecation. Working closely with such communities, studying existing beliefs, defining motivation strategies, designing appropriate communication tools and finally, encouraging practical steps towards positive practices, we engage with communities and offer training to foster proper sanitation & hygiene.

Our approaches are community centred

Our Implementation engages the community, local governance structures, sub-county & district leadership and the community itself. Our activities are deeply rooted in the community and this ensures a high acceptance of our implementation.

Triggering + Training

Triggering at its core is a tool used to bring up specific thought patterns that influence behaviour. We aim to move community members into action to solve their sanitation problems such as open defecation. The training offered focuses on safe water access, treatment and equipping community artisans who help construct infrastructure used to facilitate proper sanitation and hygiene practices.

Monitoring + Follow up

Our field teams do continuous visits to homes individually to ensure family members are putting up proper infrastructures such as hand washing facilities, and latrines among others. These follow-up visits are made after communities themselves have set a deadline for putting up the required infrastructure.

Open Defecation Free

When communities are satisfied with the work done, they call the AWS team to ensure that there are no feaces out in the open. This process goes further to the parish, sub-county, and then district. The villages are awarded certificates for their hard work and status achieved for being open-defecation-free as a motivation.

Our Philosophy when we train

Our training initiatives focus hugely on behavioural change and creating awareness. Once the community members have seen the change, proper sanitation and hygiene bring, the change is bound to last. The sustainability model creates a competitive environment where community members will not allow the village/community to back-track to where it came from. We believe that the solution is in their hands rather than an imposed program from us.

Community triggering is an approach borrowed from Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS). It is an approach where community members are treated as the best experts to discover and solve their local challenges, especially in the area of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. What they only require is mere prompting.
Through Triggering
and Training, we
Transform lives
Triggering is based on stimulating a collective sense of disgust and shame among community members as they confront the crude facts about mass open defecation (OD) and its negative impacts on the entire community.
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