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From Building Simple Household Infrastructure, Solar Disinfection methods to Creating Habits for Health

Rain Water Harvesting

We construct 6,000 litre capacity tanks for households especially in areas with plenty of rainfall but with very few sources of water.

The tanks help reduce time spent to move long journeys to fetch water which is accompanied by many other risks especially for children and mothers. Through the rain water harvesting tanks, we are able to avail mothers more time to take care of their homes and also do income generating activities since they don’t have to spend over 4 hours just looking for 20 litres of water and for the children more time in school since they don’t have to wake up early in the morning to fetch water.

The tanks are constructed with the help of the community members to foster ownership and stewardship so it is a partnership.


Build Simple Household Infrastructure

Africa Water Solutions’ WASH champions teach communities how to build simple infrastructure at home and how to effectively clean up waste in and around their homes and schools.
They teach communities how to construct tippy taps (hand-washing station) built from a plastic jerry can and sticks.
We have seen that providing communities with sanitation techniques can increase school attendance by over 23% because kids are not out sick or walking for water.

Solar Water Disinfection(SODIS)

Solar Water Disinfection – otherwise known as SODIS – is a simple and sustainable water purification technique that harnesses the sun’s UV rays. By filling up a plastic bottle with dirty water and leaving it in direct sunlight for a day (or under cloudy skies for two days), the SODIS method destroys 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens.
Simply put, SODIS turns contaminated water into clean drinking water. Because SODIS is the cornerstone of our program, we have improved accessibility to clean water for thousands of people without drilling any new water wells in Africa or building complicated infrastructure.

Concerned about the plastic bottles? So are we. We reuse and recycle as much as possible. Learn more about our SODIS sustainability practices here.

Create Habits for Health

We go back to the basics and provide training in hand-washing, how to clean food before consumption, and more. We know that when people have access to clean water and are staying healthy because of proper hygiene practices, they have more time and money to invest in small businesses, farming and other activities that drive their communities’ and countries’ economies forward.

Menstrual Hygiene Management Training

On top of our water hygiene and sanitation programme, we also put focus on the girl child especially in schools by conducting trainings with the teachers and students and train the teachers on how to help the girl child when she reaches the stage where she experiences menstruation periods. We help schools equip their counselling rooms so that girls can be readily helped at school without having to miss classes. We at Africa Water Solutions believe that both girls and boys should have equal opportunities in school.