We exist because

17% of child deaths are caused by diarrhea related diseases resulting from poor health and sanitation
1,344 hours spent per year

Every year children and mothers spend 1,344 hours fetching water

Unsafe Water & Poor sanitation

500,000 Children die every year from diarrhea caused by consumption of unsafe water and sanitation

Unhygienic Areas of Convenience

Only 3 in 10 rural households in Uganda have a latrine and 1 in 10 people practice open defecation

Globally, water is life's most basic need; and yet billions of people spend long hours searching for it. While it is easy to assume that water is in plenty, clean and safe water is incredibly scarce and expensive to distribute everywhere in the world especially in developing countries. Inevitably, the water crisis greatly affects everything; Education, Health, Poverty and worst of all, women and children.

Less than 2% of the people in rural areas of Uganda have access to clean water, this means that 98% of the people consume water directly from streams, wells and any other water bodies; this leaves them exposed to water-bone diseases such as typhoid, diarrhoea, dysentery among others.

Mothers and children move for over four hours to collect a 20 litre jerrycan and as such children miss school and eventually drop out of school-on the other hand, mothers can not do any other house work after carrying a 20 litre jerrycan for close to 4 hours on their heads.